Feb 26, 2016

About Links and Apps

If you're looking to explore God's Word, here are some links that I think will help you out.

If you are viewing this website on you laptop or PC, you will find all these links on the right side of every page on this blog.

If you are viewing this page on a mobile device, just click the "Links" tab at the top of the page.

These are all free resources.

Audio Bible

Bible.is Radio
Sign up Required. But you can sign up using Facebook.

This is an audio bible radio station. You can click the link and see what book of the bible is playing. The link takes you to my favorite station, but there are MANY different channels to choose from. Each channel offers a different translation, narration, and/or style.

Bible.is Audio Bible Download
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This is the same website, so if you already signed up, then there's no reason to signup again. But if you do download an audio bible, they want to know your location. It seems to be that they're just concerned with this material being sold or misused in some way.

Though there are many audio Bibles available on YouTube and other places on the internet, you may want to download one for yourself. If so, this is the place. It's free (they do take donations if you would like to support them) and they have a very nice selection.

Just select your language and your preferred bible version from the drop down menus and download. You can listen to a sample of each audio Bible on Bible.is Radio (see above link). My personal favorite is "1991/1995 Contemporary English Audio Drama Complete". Each download seems to be around 2 or so gigabytes. If you are on a PC, you will need a program to Un-ZIP the file.

Bible.is Online Audio Bible
Sign up Required. But you can sign up using Facebook.

There are also 12 English audio Bibles available here, along with many other languages and versions to choose from. KJV, NIV, and ESV are just 3 of the translations available. Some versions are read- a-long with the written word available, and others are just audio. Bible.is even has a Bible for the deaf, which I thought was pretty neat.

To select your Bible version, look to the red bar, an on the far left of that bar you will see "ESV". Click it to select your Bible version. If you look to the right of the "ESV", you will see an open book icon. Click this icon to navigate to your desired book and chapter. Look below the red bar and there you will find the play button as well as the buttons to skip back and forth through the book.

NLT Online Audio Bible @ BibleStudyTools.com

I wanted a NLT audio Bible without having to download it. Bible.is doesn't have one, but thankfully BibleStudyTools.com does. It's a very nice, non-dramatic version. This is just audio, without the written word.

Word of Promise NKJV Bible @ Cheryl's Design Studio

Cheryl is a sister in Christ who has generously uploaded and shared the Word of Promise NKJV. It must have taken her forever to upload and make playlists for all of them. May God bless her and her web design business!

To listen on a PC: Just click the book you want to hear and download. Click the download and a pop up will ask you if you want to search the web for a program to play the file or if you want to pick a program on your computer to play it. Select the second and then another window will pop up. Select Window Media Player. To listen on a mobile device: I haven't had any luck playing these on my phone. I tried many apps and used a wifi connection, and still couldn't get them to play. If you want to give a try I would highly recommend the VLC player in your app store.

Online Written Bible


This is my go-to online Bible. I love the side by side comparison of Bible verse translations. They have every translation of the Bible, including the Strong's Greek break down of each verse of the New Testament and the Hebrew Text Analysis. Pure awesomeness! They also have Thayer's Greek Lexicon. Just a great study Bible.. If only they had a radical grace based commentary, then it would be complete!

BibleHub Hebrew Lexicon

BibleHub Strong's Greek


JosephPrinceOnline @ Youtube

Short snippets of Joseph Prince Sermons. Weekly updates.

Joseph Prince @ ITBN

Half hour sermons. Daily updates.
Note for mobile users: This site requires an app to be installed to be able to watch the episodes.

Andrew Wommack Ministries

A TON of free video, audio, and written sermons. Mostly half-hour sermons/messages.

Clint Byars' Podcasts

If your new to grace teaching, I really think Pastor Byars can help you out. Forward Ministries has many of his sermons available via SoundCloud on their website.

Dan Mohler on YouTube

"He preaches and lives the pure gospel, and as scripture promises, healings, signs and wonders follow." ~ Neck Ministries

Todd White on YouTube

"His heart is activating people into the simplicity of who they really are and destroying lies that hold people back from being who God created them to be.": ~ LifeStyle Christianity

Jerry Savelle's Television Broadcast

A very uplifting Word of Faith Brother with a firm grasp on the unmerited favor of God on His children. Jerry Savelle Ministries offers his half hour sermons for free on their website.

Devotionals and Articles

Grace Inspirations by Joseph Prince Ministries

Daily Devotionals.

God.net Articles

Grace based articles.

Andrew Wommack Ministries' Daily Devotionals and Articles

Grace and Word of Faith Devotionals and Articles

Daily Devotionals from Jerry Savelle Ministries

Word of Faith daily devotionals. 

Escape to Reality

Articles and Scripture Analysis all through the lens of grace.

Forward Ministries

Grace articles from Clint Byars' and his ministry.


YouVersion Bible App

This is the Bible App that I use, and it's always worked very well. There is an extensive list of Bible versions  and some translations (like the KJV and NLT) have audio that you can play. There's lots of nice features like bookmarks and the ability to save verses and take notes.

Once in the app you can click "Plans" and select a daily devotional plan. Joseph Prince has a full-year daily devotional plan available there.  Great all around Bible app.

Bible.is Audio Bible App

I don't have this one, but after discovering their website I'll have to give it a try. This is primarily for audio Bible users. It seems to have the same 12 Audio Bible Versions that are available on the website, as well as the numerous other available versions for download to your phone or tablet. I don't see Bible.is Radio anywhere in this app or in the app store, but their website says you can find all there radio stations on Itunes, Tunein, and Spotify. 

This app is also available on the Amazon Kindle Fire.