Mar 17, 2016

Audio Bible: The Story of Joseph

Using the ESV Audio Bible from Faith Comes by Hearing and some
illustrations from Sweet Publishing, I put together a video of the story of Joseph.

Sweet Publishing has made illustrations for all the stories of the Bible and released them for free. I think that's really cool, and awesome to see how God gives skills to people and then uses them for His Glory!

So, yeah, the video is like a audio comic. But our youth has been restored like the eagle's, so enjoy!

I took the video through chapter 45.
If you want to read the story of Joseph in it's entirety, 
you can read it HERE.

When you're listening to this, 
remember that a picture of Jesus has been painted for us in every book of the Bible.

Total run time of this video is 36 minutes.
Here are the shortcuts

Part 3 - Genesis 43 - 45

Also, I'm adding a New King James Version of this story.
Audio is by The Word of Promise and Joseph is played by Jason Alexander.

Run time is 50 minutes.
This audio Bible does not state the chapter numbers, so I have included the time stamp for each shortcut to help you pick up where you left off.

Part 2 (11:23) - Genesis 40-41
Part 3 (25:19) - Genesis 42-43