Mar 19, 2016

Audio Bible: The Story of Samson

This is the New King James Version of the Story of Samson.

The painting is by Iris Wexler.

This audio is from The Word Of Promise and there are no chapter markers. So when you get to the second pause/break in the story, that is the end of the first half of the story. Below is a shortcut to the second half.

You can read the story of Samson in Judges 13-16

Some notes:

  • Menoah means "rest".
  • Zorah means "leprosy".
  • A Nazirite is a person who voluntarily becomes separated or consecrated unto the LORD. 
  • Listen to what the angel says and how he departs. Who do you think the angel is?
  • Samson means "sun".
  • Even touching an old, dead carcass would make someone unclean, yet he pulled honey from it, ate it, and then gave some to his parents. What does this mean?  (I'm still waiting on the Spirit to help me understand this.)
  • Notice how Delilah's tormenting is what weakened him.
  • We often look at this story as story of consequence, but was Samson's weakness a platform for the Holy Spirit to work from? Part of the plan from the start?