Mar 4, 2016

Fact #5

Never give place to the devil. 
Don't leave the door open for him and if he squirms his way in, kick him out. 
It's your right and authority, given by Jesus, to do so.

The devil is looking for someone to devour. He's like a lion in that one way. 
Don't be the injured gazelle, the easy target. 
Stand in your faith in the truth. 
When all of your armor is on, you're not the tastiest morsel on the plain anymore. 
Resist the lion and he'll go running like a scared little kitten. 

But when you fight, take up the sword (which is the word of God) and strike him down immediately. 
God's word is fact! It is alive and active!




When things seem to look bleak say,

"My father will supply all of my needs and my family's needs according to 
HIS riches in glory in Christ Jesus! Amen!"