Mar 5, 2016

Fact #6

All "sickness" is a lie.
Every ache and pain.
Every fever and rash.
Every tumor and lesion.
Blindness, deafness, and lameness are lies.

We received complete healing in Christ.

What we see is not truth, but a well crafted lie.

You must decide, 

will I believe what I see 
or will I believe what God says?

If you believe in what God's says, then what you see and feel MUST be lies.




As Christ took every lash of the whip in agony, He thought of how you would be healed!
His love for you was and is so great, that even as the flesh was ripped from His back, 
He was overjoyed in His spirit to know that you would never have to endure any 
illness, pain, or disability ever again. 

He did it for you!

Receive what He paid so dearly for!

Say this,

"By His stripes I am healed! Thank you Jesus!"

Also KNOW that you are free from every curse!

Yes, this was promised to God's obedient and righteous people!
With Christ's blood we were made clean and righteous, and now no curse can ever come on us!

See the list of illnesses (which is every illness, verse 61) and other curses you have been delivered from when Jesus made you completely righteous.

You will see that you have a double guarantee in Christ that you are healed!
It is impossible for you or your family to ever become sick!
Now you receive only health, prosperity, success, and all blessings, favor, and never ending love from the ONE who knows how to give it: Your true Father who loves you more than you will ever comprehend.

So when the devil tries to trick you, throw the truth in his face and tell him,
"You are a liar and I refuse to be lied to ever again! 
Get away and stay away from me in the name of JESUS CHRIST!"