Apr 1, 2016

Ocepek Communion Pottery

 Here is a sister in Christ using her gift from God to bless the body of Christ!

Debra Ocepek hand throws communion pottery to order.

My family ordered a set a few months back and we love it and use it daily!

With the Last Supper date quickly approaching (Nisan 14 is on April 22nd after sunset), I thought that I would be a perfect time to share this wonderful business with anyone who may happen across this website. Debra's communion ware would be a great addition to any family's daily communion or special Last Supper communion.


Here's a break-down of what Ocepek Pottery offers:
Full-size (Congregational) Communionware
Travel, Hospital Communionware
Chalices, Chalice and Plate Set
Upper Room drama ware
Intinction Set
Host Box
Blessing Cups
Home Communion
Pouring Chalice
First Communion Gifts
Eucharist Set
One-Piece Intinction Server
Natural (very plain design for Lord's Supper)
Ocepek Pottery is VERY affordable (anyone who has priced communion ware will agree). I really like her designs. When I was shopping around I kept running into communion sets that were a little... "flashy". I really wanted something simple, yet beautiful and Debra's creations were perfect!

BTW, she accepts PayPal and offers free shipping if you are in the U.S. (And the shipping was surprisingly fast especially for something hand-made!)

One last thing that I want to make clear:  I don't know Debra Ocepek and I am not being paid to promote her shop... I'm just a very satisfied customer sharing a great product and excellent buying experience.

Check out Ocepek Pottery!