Apr 22, 2016

Resource: Andre Rabe

Andre Rabe has a passion for telling people about the Love of God. Some have labeled him a universalist, but I will tell you that I have not heard one iota of universalism taught, preached or conveyed in any of the videos that I have watched. What he does talk about is how crazy in love God is with you. How He knew you and was obsessed with you before you were even born!

While I do not subscribe to universalism or inclusion, I think their beliefs stem from their faith in God's super abounding love and grace.  I think it's refreshing to hear a message that doesn't mention sin, law, or hell. What is the point of talking about any of these things? How does it benefit the body at all? Sin and hell have no meaning, no power, to us as believers because we have been made righteous, once and for all, by Christ. Why would we even speak about the old things... The things that are meaningless? Let us move forward and focus on the unconditional, never ending, bigger than the seemingly infinite universe, Love of God!

Whether Andre Rabe is a Universalists or not is irrelevant to me.  What he is sharing in these messages is the beautiful Love of God for you. You are, and always have been, valuable to Him. That the Love of God is in us so that we will magnify Him here on earth.

Andre Rabe Playlist on YouTube