May 30, 2016

God's Not Letting it Happen to You

Listen, we all know that Jesus said we'd be persecuted.. It's the way the rest of this world is going to play out. But God's not letting terrible things happen to you. But some pastors kind of paint it like God's letting it happen to you so you'll "get better". They're teaching that God is allowing you to be hurt until you yield to Him.

The idea that God's letting things happen to you conveys that God could have done something to help you, but for whatever reason He didn't.

The "whatever" reason... The "Why is this happening??" is where the Accusers steps in.

"You did this wrong."
"You did that wrong."
"This is what happens when you sin."
"This is God's will for you."
"There's no God... Or else this never would've happened".
"God's letting this happen to you for a good reason."

Satan thrives on the "why". Because when you go asking that question, he is all too eager to suggest the answer.

That thing that happened is not God's doing. Because when someone allows something bad to happen, it's no different than them doing it themselves.... So He couldn't allow it.. It would make Him a liar and an oath breaker (Hebrews 6:13-20). Obviously that is not true and He has nothing but love for you, His righteous, wonderful child!   He's prepared you, He's given you everything in Jesus to overcome anything. He's taken care of every trial and tribulation that will ever come your way when He sent Jesus.

That thing that happened to you has everything to do with who lives in you and what He's doing for you and in you. God's right on course with preparing you and transforming you, and that weak and feeble, but very present, enemy has a mission.. And it's to steal your fruit... Peace, joy, love... 

Satan doesn't work in the future.. He's not omnipresent. And his resources are limited. He's constantly playing catch up trying to undo what God has done in us.  He's not somewhere in your future laying traps, he's chasing after us.

Satan's coming in after the fact. Whether God's given you a life transforming revelation, or He's preparing you for one.

That dragon is pursuing us (Revelation 12), but Christ has overcome this world (John 16:33) and the Kingdom of God is within us (Luke 17:20-21). I would suggest not even giving the kudos to the devil by acknowledging that he's moved the ground beneath your feet. Just live in the reality of your new life, your eternal salvation, and in the knowledge that you are more than conquerors in Christ (Romans 8:31-39).

That bad thing that you're experiencing is temporary, and everything that the devil tries to do to you is turned around by God and made into a great thing (Romans 5:3-5). That's why I think some believers are still teaching that God lets bad things happen to us for our own good, because it looks like that from our perspective.

But it's just an wrong view... A wrong belief.

In actuality, I have to laugh a little... I mean, you think that the devil would get a clue... Every time he screws with us, we're made stronger by God. But the unfortunate fact is that the devil is obviously still winning some battles in people's lives or else he wouldn't waste his time. He's still successful, to a point, with telling lies about your identity in Christ and your Father's identity.

Believing the lie rather than the truth can keep a believer from trusting in their Father. The idea that God's going to allow things to go wrong leads people into uncertainty and fear... And there is no fear in love.

Our Dad is love. And despite what humans think, being a good father doesn't mean letting your kid figure stuff out on their own. We don't let our kids burn their hand on the stove just to teach them that the stove is hot, so why would anyone think that is how our Father would deal with us?

Nope. He has led us triumphantly to victory and is manifesting Christ in us every moment of our earthly existence.

But this world is still satan's playground and his only toy is deception. Thinking that God's going to just let bad stuff happen to you until you learn is EXACTLY what the devil wants you to believe, because this leads to confusion about Him and His Grace and it leads us into dead works.

If you want to fight against the enemy (Ephesians 6:10-18). Make a simple decision, yes I believe I am victorious and more than a conqueror in Christ. Believe that, YES, my Father is who He says He is... I have no fear because Jesus already took care of this at the cross.

Your Daddy loves you. Your Joy and Peace is paramount. Because He knows what your up against (He was here in the flesh, I mean He REALLY knows what you're dealing with) and because He loves you so very dearly, He will never lead you into unrest or fear. He'll never sit back and let things happen to you. It's actually impossible, because His work was finished at the cross by Jesus Christ.