May 7, 2016

Isaiah 32:17 - Righteousness in Christ Brings Peace Forever

This chapter was a prophecy about when Jesus would come and die for all the world's sin.
If you believe that Christ came and made you righteous,
then you can claim the gift of peace that came with it!

Why does righteousness bring peace?
Because there is rest in knowing that you are God's righteous people.
Because God promises to take care of all of His Holy people.

The enemy wants you to doubt who you are in Christ.
While Jesus was in the wilderness, Satan tried to tempt Christ by trying to make Him doubt His identity. Satan would say, "If you are the Son of God.." before each of his attempts.
He does the same to you and I.

If you doubt that you are righteous by the blood of Christ ALONE,
then the devil can try to shake your confidence in the Lord's promises to protect and bless you.
You will start to think, "I did this or that wrong, so there's no way God will help me now."
Then you spiral into doing things by your own power and that only leads to stress and strife.

Satan wants you weak and frightened and miserable.
He cannot snatch you from God's hands, but he can steal your peace.

Rest and confidence comes when you know who you are in Christ,
and when you know your Father's endless Love for you!