Jun 10, 2016

Resource: Blaise Foret

A great teacher for younger believers, new believers, or believers that have been religioned to death.

Blaise Foret:

"Blaise Forêt is an author of two books, a blogger, an itinerate speaker, and the pastor of Pop Up Church Asheville. He is also the Co-Founder of Asheville Folk, a creative community in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. His passion is to empower people to accomplish their dreams and goals and to realize their identity in Christ. Blaise and his wife, Christina, reside in Asheville, North Carolina where they lead the Asheville Folk creative community and Pastor a church called Pop Up Church."

Blaise is into preaching a gospel of undiluted grace and rebukes the fear-based teaching that's plagued the Church for so long.

 Here's a quick 20 minute sermon called "Changing Our Thinking About God"

Check out his website for free podcasts and articles. Then head over to his YouTube Channel to watch more of his sermons.

I just sent out a copy of his book "It's Finished" to a young lady in our ministry.

I really was happy to find a book that appealed to younger people and "average joes".

"For most of you, the fact that you even picked up this book tells me that you probably fit into one of these categories:

-Normative Christian looking for a little clarity on how to be a better Christian.

-Failure Christian just trying to find something that might help keep you from losing your faith altogether.

-Zealous Christian looking for a deeper relationship with God.

-Dedicated Guardian of Christian Orthodoxy ready to underline and highlight all of my errors.

-Former Christian who once believed in the God of the Bible but due to life circumstances and intellectual contradictions has taken on a more of an Agnostic position.

-Average Joe looking for more purpose in life."

5 out of 6 of these people are exactly the people we minister to in jails and prisons. I was pumped to find a book that really spoke to the general public without spending 3/4 of the book backing up their beliefs with chapter and verse. 

Average people don't really care about all the scriptures yet. They haven't gotten to a point where the Bible = the truth.  They've heard about God and Jesus, and there just wondering who they really are...  What they're all about...

They've generally got the wrong idea about who God is and what salvation truly is in Jesus Christ.

Blaise keeps it fun and simple, the way Grace actually is.