Jun 5, 2016

Revelation 12:10

The Salvation, the Power, the Kingdom of God and the Authority of Christ has come!

Satan is conquered by THE Blood of the Lamb and by the word of THEIR Testimony, because they loved not their own lives unto death! They never coward away from telling the Truth just to save their own physical bodies and their carnal minds.

"They" were the disciples and apostles, but "they" are also us, because the salvation, the power, the Kingdom of God, and the authority of Christ is ours right now.

This part of Revelation is not about some future time, this was an interlude to show the whole picture. When Christ ascended, Satan was expelled, along with his angels, from Heaven and cast down to the earth and he pursues us. But that doesn't matter at all, because the believers are the Kingdom of God, and at any time anybody of this world can enter the safe haven of the Kingdom as well!
And we have been given the power and the authority of Christ over all demons... They can never win. We defeat them by sharing the Truth and growing the population of the Kingdom of God. Growing the kingdom until there's no one left to deceive.

Listen to Revelation 12 and see the big picture.