Oct 19, 2016

Lead by Listening: Brad Jersak

Let's meet with Jesus and give Him our burdens.

What is your burden?
Where are you carrying it in your body? In your heart? In your belly?
What does it look/feel like? An anchor? Like something squeezing your heart?
What has been the cost of carrying this burden with you in your life? 

Now go to your meeting place and find Jesus.

Go up to Him and ask Him what He'll give you in exchange for your burden.

Pull out the anchor from your heart and give it to Jesus.
And take what Jesus has promised to give to you.

Christ is alive in you right now and He's always speaking to you!
And His language is love, peace, joy, gentleness, kindness, and patience.

In this sermon, Brad Jersak will walk you through another way to pray and communicate with Jesus.