Dec 26, 2016

A Palpable Relationship: It's His Grace

From Heritage Kept

How do I hear Him? How do I heal the sick? How do I do I know and do His will??

There are many step-by-step manuals on how to do all these things (people even use the Bible as such). But in my own walk with Him, He has shown me a better way: To trust in Him and His infinite Grace.

He has been calling all of us to seek the ends of His Love, and thus the ends of His grace. In this search He reveals Himself -- For His Love and Grace are infinite because that is who He is..

Trust that, in His Grace, He will tell you all things and impart the wisdom for the understanding that will make His glory an endless and unspeakable benefit to you.

His Love and Grace is the key to all things eternal. Your efforts are all for you. He has said to me time and time again, "There is no method on your part." That is to say that my "trying" to do even the simplest of things is of no use at all. For all that I do that is good is from and done by Him.

Not a single gift is utilized outside of His movement in me. Nothing I do is successful because of the way I prayed or the word that I, myself, spoke. For we do not speak on our own accord -- We do not move apart from Him.

So, what if one believes that the use of anointing oil is necessary for healing? Then that one should do just that! Because that is faith that was given to you by God, through Grace. Not because the oil is needed, but because you needed the oil. He has imparted that faith unto you because He knows who you are, where your at, and what He wants to do in you. He sees that some need method, and so He graciously gives it.

Did Christ have to mix spit and mud to heal the blind man? Did He have to apply it to his eyes? Could the waters at the pool of Siloam do more than what Christ could do Himself? Of course not. That was for the blind man, not for the healing. Expect your Father to continue to give you more and more revelation of Him and with it faith; for He wills you and enables you to grow in faith and in the intimate knowledge of Him and knowledge of your union with Him. And I am glad to let go of everything I think I know if it means that He will show me more of Himself and add to what He's bring out of me.

He imparts to our carnal existence Christ's faith (that is alive and full in us right now); like a seed growing into great tree - - Nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest. You may be using anointing oil now for healing, but expect Him to raise you further up and show you that the anointing oil is in you.

At all times, in all ways, His immeasurable love, grace and patience is there lifting you up to a higher level.

I say that to know Him is to receive everything that is in our spirit in our mortal flesh.

He has drawn you to Him. He has laid hold of you, and you will be given ears to hear Him and eyes to behold Him. You will receive the manifestation of all gifts and workings of God by your knowledge of Him, which is only revealed by Him.