Dec 29, 2016

A Palpable Relationship: Two-Way Journaling

The Lord speaks to each person in so many different ways. 

Two-way journaling has been a blessing from my Father! When my pen hits the paper a calmness washes over me. My mind is quiet and focused on Him without my even trying. Effortlessly, worship begins to flows out. I tell Him anything that might be troubling me and He sets my soul at ease. I pray and I ask Him questions and He lovingly and gently answers them. It has been such a beautiful gift from Him and a beautiful way that we share in our union together.

With my new heart and my new mind revealed, my relationship with Him has reached new and amazing heights! Anyone who experiences Him in a personal, one-on-one way will be forever changed. And I know that if anyone is even reading this, that He has already put a desire in your heart to commune with Him like this -- And that desire He has given you comes with a promise of fulfillment.

Maybe writing isn't your thing. Don't worry, He already knows that about you. In His ceaseless pursuit of you and in-depth knowledge of you, He will show you how to communicate in a way that makes your romance -- your adventure with Him -- palpable.

It's exciting to know how much He has to tell us -- How much He has to show us -- and it's REALLY exciting to know that He is excited to reveal all of it to us!

Glory be to Our Father and Our Lord forever!