Dec 23, 2016

A Palpable Relationship: Visions and Dreams

I believe in dreams and visions.
I believe dreams and visions are a normal occurrence.
I believe that visions are unique and  personalized communication from our Father to us.

He knows us so deeply and loves us so much, that He will reveal Himself just as you need Him to. In His infinite grace, He imparts knowledge and understanding according to the way we were made -- according to how we perceive and accept visuals. He wants to be everything to us, but He wants to show who He can be to you here -- right now -- in you current situation. Maybe before, in years and circumstances past, you weren't aware of what He could be for you. But in happiness and in hardship -- in every moment --  He seizes the opportunity to be magnified in your life. In all times He answers to you, "I am here." And the very presence of Him -- which has never been apart from you --  becomes clearer, and who He is becomes more pronounced.

And His communication is always in the same language and tone: Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.

His message is never to shame; but to reassure and encourage.
Fear is not in Him; For He is perfect love.

Sometimes the visions or dreams can be shocking, but they do not provoke fear. They may at first seem mysterious and strange, but He explains all that He shows.

It is for your benefit and His glory that He reveals Himself in so many ways; dreams and vision are only a part of our walk with Him. Your walk with Him is varied and never boring, and perfectly tailored to you: His craftsmanship.

Believe He speaks, and you will hear Him -- Expect it!

Your very existence excites Him. Your very presence is His pleasure. He has been eagerly waiting for you to take part in this romance. He's been waiting since before you were even born. You and He are as one -- Gloriously reconciled to Him in a beautiful and eternal relationship.

He longs to express Himself to you... And He longs for you to experience Him.

In the next few posts I'll be sharing some free books about visions and dreams that may be encouraging to you in your journey.