Jan 13, 2017

Missing The Mystery

I'm no good at blogging or writing. I like getting right to the point so here I go...

Many believers are missing out on the mystery.

One part of the problem is that many believers know with their mind what righteousness is, but have not yet received the revelation of what it means to be made the righteousness of God. Another part is that believers have not yet received the revelation of what it means, for us as individuals, to be reconciled to God. But still another part of the issue is that people, and I'm talking on a mere intellectual level, are unsure about who God is. Even though they have a good view of Jesus and His goodness, they still, oddly enough, have a shaky view of their Father and a nearly non-existent view of the Holy Spirit. They'll say, "God is good", but still worry about if God is willing to bless them. They know they have the Holy Spirit, but only utilize Him as a seal.

People are confused even though Christ is the complete picture! The way we embrace our union with Him is to know who He truly is and is for us and in us. This is eternity: To know God and the One He has sent. To trust Him for everything. To trust the indwelling Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. To see God in Christ, Christ in God, and us in Christ.

If you go through the internet, from Facebook to the dreaded comments section of any Christian website, you will easily notice the confused ones:
  • They continue to go on and on about sin.
  • They have a tendency to call other believers outside their denomination "heretics".
  • They still label themselves with a denomination.
  • They live defeated because they continue to use the Bible as an instruction manual.
  • They attack believers and non-believers with the Word of God. Their own words void of gentleness and compassion and their hearts void of the trust in the Holy Spirit to do what Jesus said He would do.
Now, I believe that God reveals Himself, and I know that these people will not be confused forever. I have done all the things listed above, but the Truth was revealed even to me. It's clear that The Holy Spirit is pouring out over the world and the veil is being lifted! People are flocking to the person of Grace and Grace is the way to knowing the persons you are in union with... He is the key to the mystery revealed.

See Jesus and you see your Father.
All of scripture and all of creation is speaking and singing about Christ!
Meet your Father in Christ and trust the Holy Spirit to show Him to you!

Glory be to our Lord forever!

Picture source: French Press Mornings.