Apr 11, 2017

Free Ebook: Adventures in Christ by Andre Rabe

"Have you ever witnessed a wild animal in its natural environment? A tame lion simply does not have the presence of a wild one. A wild lion has an attitude, an assurance in its walk. The unrestricted environment, and the untamed nature of the animal complement one another. To tame such a creature, and remove it from its environment, is to rob it of its identity. Acts 17:28 "For in Him we live, and move, and have our being." God Himself is the natural environment in which man is to live! What an unrestricted environment for the expressive nature He gave us."


"Andre has an amazing message from The Lord for ALL PEOPLE! Our adventure with Christ is going on right now if we believe it or not. Our belief does not change what Jesus did for us when He came to bring ALL PEOPLE back into knowing their true identity. We are children of God and He wants us all to know His great unconditional love !! I am on my second time through and doing a study with friends to share this great truth. Religion is what we do when we do not know Papa God, His Son Jesus and the HolySpirit, sad to say MAN-made !! God wants and ALWAYS has wanted RELATIONSHIP with ALL of us."
~ Ambassador for Christon via Amazon

"'Hear' at last is the unmitigated GOOD NEWS of the Pauline Gospel. A cogent, coherent, reverent, and spirit filled exposition that sets all men free from the religious mindset of institutional /political "Christianity". No foolin' around, this is the real deal!"
~ Berechiah via Amazon

This version of the book is an older edition, so I highly recommend the expanded edition available at Amazon.

I want to thank Glory to Glory for sharing this wonderful book on their site.
I suggest you check out their website too -- Lots of good resources available.

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