Bible Study Tools

The Lord will reveal all truth to you, in many different ways, all through the Holy Spirit.
Trust in Him to impart Spiritual Wisdom... His Wisdom... When you study the Word.


With BibleHub you can compare Bible interpretations with their verse by verse parallel Bible.
And, if you click the blue words of the verse (located on the right hand side), it will take you to the original Greek or Hebrew word and its definition.
You'll also find that the site suggests other related verses.


I like BibleGateway when I need to read a chuck of verses or whole chapter.
BibleHub is great for verse analysis, and BibleGateway is good for everything else.

BibleHub Hebrew Lexicon

This a word-by-word Hebrew translation of the Old Testament.

BibleHub Strong's Greek

This a word-by-word Greek translation of the New Testament.

New Testament Commentary from Andrew Wommack

I am not a huge fan of Bible commentaries. But if I had to recommend one, I would definitely recommend this one. Full of grace and good for anyone who just starting out on the path of Truth.